** I thought it would be fun to have  YOU name this poem! In the comments present a title for this poem and why you think that should be the title and I will choose whose title I feel fits best at the end of July.**



We are all strong enough to endure someone else’s tragedy,

We are all strong enough to endure someone else’s pain,

Though while we endure everyone else’s tragedy,

Our own seems to consume us until we burst inside,

Leaving us feeling depressed and dry.

Sometimes we focus on others too much,

Then we don’t give ourselves time to see,

Deep inside we have our own pain and tragedy,

Suppressed to the point we feel desolate and full of grief,

Focusing on others is not a bad thing,

Just take the time for your self and you’ll see,


ou will feel even better,

Allowing your to help others and let them see,

Through the pain and tragedy there is hope,

You just have to believe.




Locked deep down inside,

where fears seem to hide,

where there seems to be no light,

where darkness is the only thing that shines.

A secret that has been carried around,

For far to many years,

It is getting so hard to hide,

the truth that he bottled up deep inside.

A fear he would have to face,

A reality his parents would soon come to know,

He wasn’t who they wanted,

Would they accept him?

he did not know.

They hoped he would find the perfect girl,

That one day they could become one,

Live happily together forever,

In unity and Love.

This is not what he wanted,

He did want to find love,

He always knew he was different,

Not the same as his family wants.


He has been away for so long,

Fighting for the country that he loves,

I thought the distance would break us apart,

Something I wouldn’t be able to handle for so long,

Short conversations on the telephone,

That’s what helped our love stay strong,

There were times when it got really hard,

Times when I thought the battle was lost,

I longed for him night and day,

Dreamed dreams where he couldn’t get away,

There were times when I felt as if I was in his arms,

Waking up to find my self alone,

Alone in an empty bed,

Alone and afraid he might be dead,

I still long for him this very night,

For a safe return and a safe flight.


Fresh Start

Hello all,

I felt like I have been lacking with posting to this blog. My life has been full of having places to be and things to do so I haven’t had time to write. I apologize for not being on and for not posting. With this fresh start I promise I will at least post once a week.